Cucumber & Elderflower Mule                                           16

Organic cucumber-infused vodka, St Germain, lime, mint

and a dash of Ch’i soda.

Bourbon street                                                                                14

Makers Mark shaken with lemon juice and a touch of

Maple syrup, apple cider top.

Shady Days                                                                                        17

Spiced rum with cinnamon and muddled apple.

Kannan’s sweet gin miracle                                                  16

Allow Kanaan to take you to heaven with this rhubarb

inspired gin cocktail, shaken with lemon juice and egg white

Pomegranate Mojito                                                                   17

A fresh remix.  White rum with pomegranate,

mint and loads of fresh lime.

Chilli Margarita of the week                                                  17

Muddled chilli & lime with seasonal fruits, tequila

and Cointreau.

Kiwi-billi delight                                                                          16

Muddled Kiwi fruit, white rum lime and a drop of sweetness.



Pulp Fiction                                                                                     10

Passionfruit pulp with fresh mint, pineapple juice and ginger beer

Fitz ‘n Giggles                                                                                10

Berry puree, fresh lime, Ch’i soda.  Served tall.